Is flywheel free energy possible?

How is this possible?

I’m not saying it’s simple… I’m trying to use a method that has proven the validity of it’s method in hundreds of applications. This method is a combination of:

1) Changing your driving style – it’s all about balance! If you drive too much in the wrong way, the vehicle will always give you a bad sensation; if you drive too much in the right way, the vehicle will never give you that bad sensation, even in the most difficult situations. It’s all about balance!

2) Changing a vehicle’s braking point– how low this point can be depends on a lot of factors, but in general, the higher the center of gravity of the vehicle, the less force it gives off; in this case, the ground must be level above it’s braking point, otherwise the vehicle will give you a very unpleasant feeling… So, as the vehicle’s base position increases, the braking point gets closer to a maximum point (or as close as can be – it’s all relative).

3) Changing the driving attitude… this one is simple, too! When you are driving too fast, you want to keep the speed so that you can reach the maximum distance on the map that you can drive. When you are driving too slow, you want to keep the distance so that your car is not a liability; if you drive too fast, you do a double trick by giving you a worse feeling while driving, and this does not only cause you to have a bad feeling (being very unpleasant), but also causes an increased friction on the tire during acceleration; what you have to do is change your driving attitude so that the maximum distance is reached more quickly.

So, what does this mean for the car? This means that the vehicle is going to become less stable. I say this because in a normal car, the vehicle becomes unbalanced (i.e. it’s unbalanced due to a poor driving attitude) when this point is close to a maximum weight. This point is also referred to as the “ultimate point” because it is the highest weight the car can achieve in a given time. The lower the final point, the less unstable the car is.

Basically, the car is going to become more sensitive to speed as weight decreases, because the point of “ultimate speed” is higher than any speed above this absolute max value; the higher the final point is, the less it becomes unbalanced as the car’s weight decreases; the

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