What type of energy is water?

Water is made up of a number of components including hydrogen and oxygen. In the atmosphere, hydrogen absorbs infrared light and water molecules absorb all other wavelengths. The heat that the molecules hold in their liquids is absorbed by the planet’s surface – thus generating heat that can be used to drive the planet’s climate. For example, CO 2 gas can hold heat for 2-3 days and has a relatively low greenhouse effect. The oceans tend to absorb infrared light more strongly for a few days, causing them to become brighter when sunlight enters them and then darker when it leaves. In order for water to have a cooling effect on the surface of the planet, it would need to absorb a lot more infrared radiation in the form of heat than it can hold, something that cannot occur if there is less sunlight. This effect is why it’s cool enough to lie just above the freezing point of water if there is no ocean. It is the difference between being very hot and being very cold that makes a climate change event possible. It’s not so different from what a volcano is. The volcanic eruptions in the mid-Holocene, caused by large magma flows and other natural processes, were very warm on land, and they were able to dry up much of the land and cause extensive climate changes. The same might happen with a massive ice age, which could have caused much larger temperature and moisture changes on Earth. This is only a theory, but it’s worth exploring. A related question, why don’t we see a volcanic eruption more often? Some scientists have speculated that it is because we’ve got a big chunk of land that has gotten very hot (due to natural processes), but we don’t have much other land that remains unchanged in comparison. This could explain where those huge hot chunks of land come from – if we have a big mountain range, they might not be able to fall into the ocean unless they have something like a giant ocean trench underneath them – perhaps the result of a giant eruption.

A police officer who arrested a transgender woman for “obstructing traffic” during a court appearance has been suspended from the force for six months.

The Victoria Police Facebook page released a picture of Officer Mark Williams, who is white, with the words: “Officer, it was a trans woman that was in the way of traffic last night. Thank god she’s OK.”

After the photos went viral, the Victoria Police Union said in a statement that it was concerned at the “tone” of the Facebook post.

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