What is free energy with magnet?

Energy is created by two forces, positive and negative, both of which have opposite poles and equal magnetic poles. Positive force is defined as positive energy. Positive energy in a negative sense refers to the positive force (magnetic force). The negative force of any positive energy or magnet is defined as negative energy or negatively charged particles.

The negative force of positive energy is that of the negative charge. In the word negative it is used in terms of negative energy of this type, for example magnet.

The term negative charge was used by the Italian astronomer Giovanni Galancio to describe the opposite force, or negatively charged particles or matter. This term is also used in physics.

To create magnetic field from an object, two charges or opposites are generated and stored together in a storage medium such as an electric cable or transformer. During charging the positive and negative charges interact and create a strong charge which is stored in the storage medium.

In such cases there is no external source, so if a piece of metal or plastic is bent with the help of a compass the object is charged with negative charge. This will cause the metal and the compass to become polarized and therefore a magnetic field is created.

If that same object is moved slowly, in order to remain polarized, it is able to store the negative charge and thus the same object will store the positive charge. That is, it is an internal field made up of negative and positive charges.

This internal field of an object stored in storage medium is similar to the field which a person is exposed to at first. Even if the person does not know it, they can feel it due to the field of polarization which is generated by the storage medium.

A magnetic field is a collection of opposites, negative and positive charges stored inside an object. To create a magnetic field, we need to store both of the opposites, and an appropriate magnetic material should be provided.

What about electricity? Electricity is formed by electric charge. An electric charge is created through the force of current, which creates magnetic field. This is because a current causes electrons to be attracted to a neutral material, the positively-charged atoms. There are two fields: positive and negative charges and therefore the current.

The opposite way is with static electric current. Electrons are attracted to a negatively-charged nucleus. When electrons are excited, they are not attracted directly to a nucleus, but their momentum is transferred through the nucleus. This is referred to as a charge transfer.

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