Is ATP free energy?

Amino acids (the amino acid bases of proteins) are used very much as fuel, by bacteria and fungi of course in this day and age. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and, together, they are the building blocks of carbohydrates.

For example, the enzyme in the digestive system that breaks down some of proteins are beta-oxidation enzymes. This enzyme, known as glycogenolysis is a part of the body’s reaction systems. They are what give a body an energy to survive. For example, digestion is a form of body energy that can be used for movement and breathing.

Beta acid (beta hydroxy acids) that are available as a fuel in the body are essential in the growth of muscle and nerve cells that give you the body a more robust body.

In a healthy body, the amount of beta hydroxy acids required for growth will not exceed 40 mg/day, with a daily recommended intake of 100 mg, with no more than 5 mg/day. The amount is a factor of the overall diet to meet energy requirements from the diet.

The amount of carbohydrates in the diet is also important. A high fiber diet is needed to meet energy needs to meet daily requirements.

You take in most of your carbohydrates from foods, however there are some types of foods that you must look out for in your diet as carbohydrate rich foods can contain the disease-causing bacteria and fungi that will degrade proteins into ketones which are toxic and in excess lead to a condition known as ‘ketoacidosis’ a condition where the body’s glucose is broken down. The higher the carb intake, the greater the likelihood of forming ketones in the bloodstream.

Carbs in many foods are absorbed with little or no carbohydrate breakdown and these carbohydrates will cause the amino acids from the food in the right position in the cell to be used by the cells for a process that will enable the food to take in oxygen and thereby help to build the proteins in the cells required to build and maintain body tissue.

Another thing you will need to be aware of is that as you eat more fruits and vegetables, you have a greater tolerance for sugar or dietary fiber. The sugar you eat will cause the amino acids to be digested and move through the digestive system to get to your tissues needing nutrients. But the sugar in the food does nothing for the protein in the food. This is why some of us can eat as much as 50 – 60 g of carbs

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