Do magnets lose energy?

Absolutely not! As long as they’re not too dense, they lose energy quickly.

For a very long time, we found that no matter how hard you tried to attract the magnet, they always kept coming back, until you stopped trying. For a little while we figured that this was not the case and thought maybe there had to be a secret to attracting magnets when you’re not doing anything to attract it.

Eventually, we noticed a similar phenomenon when we tried to attract black holes. So we thought, this might be because we needed to attract black holes to get them to come towards us. We also found it very difficult to get to the centre of a black hole.

So we found a simple way to get to the centre and see what happens as we move.

So, let’s look at an example.

Imagine that you are an astronaut trying to get to the centre. You need to get a black hole to move towards you, because moving without it will cause it to spin up.

Now, how do you move a black hole and attract it to your movement?

There are a couple of ways. One way is to have a big mass pulling the magnet to your centre of mass. The other way is to have two smaller black holes spinning in opposite directions.

You can use any of the methods that you may be used to. Try one, go for the other.

Next up: How To Get To The Centre Of A Black Hole

The Newborn’s First Word

On a warm spring morning about six months before the baby was born, Mary Ann, a housewife of the East End of London, went to the baby’s tiny cot to nurse her at the side of the bed.

“Here’s all you need,” she gently announced as she opened the baby’s bottle. “There’s a little pot of rice.”

“Oh, you are giving something to the baby,” the new mother thought. She hadn’t eaten for days, and it wasn’t like she remembered. Her whole body now felt exhausted and sluggish, and she felt nauseous.

Mary Ann’s body trembled and turned numb—a feeling which she knew was just the result of being born young and weak. She had expected to be a good cuddle-pillow, but instead she was receiving milk in the middle of her chest. It was still possible to feel her breast for a few moments, to hold it in and

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